About Us

About Us 

I have grown up with my father working in both contact lenses industry and glasses industry. I know just how important our eyes are and just how easy it is to damage them without even knowing it. So we bring you the Stylish, Protective and Affordable pair of Women glasses that will do more than just protecting your eyes on a day to day basis.

I personally never really liked glasses growing up and I would never wear them, up until my father showed me just how much damage I would do to them if I continued to not protect them. I didn't like how any of the really protective sunglasses looked and I'm heavily into what is the latest trend and who is wearing what and have my own personal taste in style.

So from that I found some style of glasses that were both stylish but also protected my eyes, and have now found some that will do the same for YOU the public.

From that it has led me to providing that same option to both Women as of now and also Men moving forward, a stylish protective and affordable set of sunglasses and price was a big part of me finding my perfect pair so I have made that conscious effort to keep in the back of my mind bringing you the low price of ONLY $29.99!!

I personally know know the importance of my eyes safety and protection and I wish to provide the public with an opportunity to do the same.